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  • KEW single pole and switched neutral switch-fuses and switch splitters are designed for 250V SPN A.C. Circuits. 
  • All models have vitreous porcelain interiors. 
  • The switch dolly is interlocked with the cover which can be removed only when the switch is in 'OFF' position. 
  • All live metal parts are shielded and earth terminals are provided.
  • All models have D.P switches with silver TIP contacts
  • All models comply with general requirement of IS 4064-1978/BS 5419-1977. 
  • In 80A Model fuse cab be replaced without opening the cover. 
  • In 80A switchuse two types of model are available, front wire entry & other is back wire entry.


KEW switchfuses and switch splitters are fitted with rewirable fuse 

Technical Specification

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carriers or with HRC fuse carriers as they are interchangeable. 80A switchfuse is suitable for HRC type fuse only.


The enclosures are moulded in grey thermosetting material, have black switch dollies with 'ON' 'OFF' indication and cable entry knockouts.


The enclosures are made of deep drawn sheet steel, coated with rust preventive coat and then Powder coated for long life. Enclosures are provided with earthing and PVC knockout bushes at top and bottom for conduit or wire entry. Back entry knockout is also provided in larger units.


All terminals are designed to accept copper and Aluminium conductors.


Wiring facilities are simple and ample room is allowed for the cables.   


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