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K-50 Circuit Protection, Control & Distribution System.



K-50 MCB hydraulic magnetic miniature Circuit Breaker is best suited for general, domestic/commercial & industrial application combining maximum usage & closest protection


Rated breaking capacity             4500A AC (M4.5)
Rated Voltage                          240/415V
Rated Current                          5,10,15,20,25,30,40, 50,& 60A
No. of Poles                            1P,2P,3P,4P 1P + N & 3P + N
Rated frequency                      50Hz (Can be used over the range 25 
                                            - 60 Hz)
Reference                               Comply fully with BS 3871
Terminal capacity                     16 mm2

Technical Specification

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  • A Hydraulic magnetic device Ensures that their calibration is unaffected by ambient. Temperature and each will carry its full Rated Current continuously over a wide Temperature Range between 0 to 600 C
  • Fast acting light weight mechanism with high performance Engineering plastics. 
  • High reliability due to minimum number of mechanical components. 
  • Terminals are provided with captive screws. 
  • Comprehensive range with hydraulic magnetic release for overload & short circuit protection.
  • Mechanically-interlinked tripping devices in multiple units prevents single phasing. 
  • Maintenance free.
Ratings MCB List Nos
5A K05/05 K15/05 K25/05 K35/05 K45/05
10A K05/10 K15/10 K25/10 K35/10 K45/10
15A K05/15 K15/15 K25/15 K35/15 K45/15
20A K05/20 K15/20 K25/20 K35/20 K45/20
30A K05/30 K15/30 K25/30 K35/30 K45/30
40A K05/40 K15/40 K25/40 K35/40 K45/40
50A K05/50 K15/50 K25/50 K35/50 K45/50
60A K05/60 K15/60 K25/60 K35/60 K45/60


  • For use in Customers own enclosures. 

  • Complete with Main Switch having line & neutral busbars. 

  • Earthing Busbar & Fixing Screw included. 

  • Available in range of 4 Way to 12 Way

Back plate List Nos.
No. of ways Single phase (SPN) Three phase (TPN)
4 104 204
6 106 206
8 - 208
9 109 -
10 - 210
12 112 212

K-50 Distribution Boards are ultimate in power distribution 
Consumer Units / Distribution Boards


Consumer units                   BS 5486 Part 13 as amended No.1
                                       condition short Circuit Rating 
                                       1P 20 16KA.
Distribution Board                BS 5486 Part 12 1P 20
Main Switch                       BS 5419
M C B                               BS 3871 Part I Type 2 M4.5
Operation Voltage               240V/50 Hz Single Phase Unit. 
                                      415V50 Hz Two/three Phase Unit.


Terminals within K-50 range will accept copper cable upto the size below.
MCB                          16 mm2               Max

Consumer Unit
Switch 100A               50 mm2               Max

Distribution Board 
Switch Incoming.       120 mm2               Max



No. of Ways Consumer Unit List Nos. 3 Phase Distribution Board List Nos.
Flush Surface Flush Surface
4 504/3 504/1 304/38 304/18
6 506/3 506/1 306/38 306/18
8 - - 308/38 308/18
9 509/3 509/1 - -
10 - - 3010/38 3010/18
12 512/3 512/1 3012/38 3012/18


  • Speedy installation the MCB mounts on to the backplate clips fastening to incoming busbar with single screw. 
  • Both consumer Unit & TPN DB available with covers suitable for surface mounting & Dlush mounting.
  • Moulded blanking plates supplied as Standard with both Distribution Boards. 
  • Flush hinged cover conceals all MCB totally for aesthetics & good interior. 
  • In Three phase distribution boards unique single adjusting system for aligning backplate depth to distribution board cover is provided. 
  • Three phase distribution board are designed to accept any combination of K-50 Single Pole, Double Pole & Triple Pole MCB's 
  • Enclosures are made out of thick CRCA sheets & powder coated. 
  • Available in range of 4 way to 12 way.



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